Who was building : What or Whom?

You might wonder if I told you, how a Chef once produced a Master Furniture piece… Most likely, you may conjure the image of Furniture carved out of Fruits & Vegetables and showcased… Well, if you are a Master’s Piece, you can produce a Master Piece!

 Way back in 2003, the year Vishalakshi Mantap would be inaugurated, Guruji called me & gave this Task: “Build a Bridge connecting Radhakunj to Agama Ved Pathshala. Ensure it is low cost, high strength and endurance along with speed in execution”.

Ashram would be hosting thousands of people in the Inauguration Event. Ashramites were experiencing considerable difficulty in moving across, especially during Monsoon. Key Question: Can the Bridge hold the water and the heavy vehicles?

The enormity of the Task hit me like a Thunderbolt. Here I was… with no clue of Construction. Grappling with Uncertainty. Unsure of help forthcoming, as entire Ashram was busy with VM inauguration. Predicament similar to the Chef being asked to play the Carpenter’s role.

Amidst a million doubts, emerged a Voice of Awareness.  It had the quality of One pointedness. Singular Focus: Master has said. Needs to be done! So what if I’m not a Civil Engineer? So what, if constructing a bridge in proximity to a lake is complicated?. So what if chances are dim of figuring out & succeeding? Well, let me take the first step.

Once first step was taken with a Yes! Mind, help came from unexpected quarters. My first discovery:  A small group in the RDP unit had knowledge of mixing sand with cement in proportion. I was elated. Had a prototype to show Gurudev.

This Crude version was challenged by Gurudev. “The water level will engulf the bridge. You need to raise the level”. I was back to the Drawing Board.

Holding a pole I wondered, how to proceed? How to measure the water level? To my astonishment, this was demonstrated by a group of labourers resting close by! My antics with the Pole had caught their attention!

Next issue, was ascertaining the exact distance. For this measurement, an inch tape was obtained. That moment, an Architect visitor to Ashram mysteriously appeared! He was scheduled to stay for 2 weeks. His professional intervention ensured the distance was accurate and scientifically done.

Finally, to make the bridge strong, materials were needed. Despite tight fiscal situation and non-availability of time with majority of my colleagues, Swami Pragyapada stood by me. Resources were made available.

I was a Witness to the Criticism that flew in from all corners…On what basis I undertook such a critical and risky project without any prior experience?! It seemed Foolhardy to everyone.

However, I stayed Firm and Committed.  Totally rooted to the objective. In the last phase, I mobilized the support of local villagers to complete the project. The Bridge stands even today, infusing a sense of Pride & Gratitude. Steady. Reliable. Committed to Serve.   All along, HE was building me…Well, if you are a Master’s Piece, you can produce a Master Piece!

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