Preference to knowledge over meals

Earlier in the Ashram, the kitchen timings were fixed. If you missed reaching on time, you simply skipped that meal! Once I happened to miss the lunch. In the evening there were few Guests, who were Ashram Visitors. I was their Escort. Took them around and served them dinner.

Once they left, I felt my hunger pangs. In Ashram, you walk great distances to show people around. Moreover, I had not taken Lunch.

When I was about to eat, suddenly I heard the background music of Narad Bhakti Sutras. The series were being played after the Satsangs in the Vishalakshi Mantap. I was a regular participant in these Knowledge Video Sessions.

I was in Conflict. Dilemma: Should I finish the food and miss some part of the video Or give Preference to Knowledge? What would be appropriate? Be with my Sankalpa and watch the tape? The flip side being, I would again miss my Meal. The starving stomach would surely distract the Mind. Very high probability, I might not be able to focus on Knowledge. Most certainly, the food counter would also close. Prospect of going to bed, hungry, loomed large.

In the spur of the moment, Commitment to be with Knowledge seized my mind. I thought, if the knowledge had power, the food would naturally follow me!

I rose & quickly reached Vishalakshi Mantap. The moment I sat, someone tapped me from behind. I was asked, whether I had Dinner? My reply was in negative.

I was welcomed to attend a Dinner Birthday Party post the Video Session.

Celebration was in the air!

I was overwhelmed. Filled with Gratitude. Divine ensured, I can be in knowledge fully. He would not let me entertain  even the thought of missing my meal at night!

You may have heard this so many times before…Nature gives you opportunities to live the Knowledge. However, You’ve to take the 1st step!

Lots of Love & Best Wishes
Swami Paramtej

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  1. “ Nature gives you opportunities to live the Knowledge. However, You’ve to take the 1st step!” I love this!

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