My First Miracle : Grace Flows, When You Move Out Of Comfort Zone!

In the early days when I became a Nav Chetna Shibir (NCS) Teacher (Breath Water Sound Workshop) we got a request. This was from Kundapur in Udupi district, around 500 km from Bangalore. Few volunteers who could conduct NCS, in neighboring areas for around a month, were required.

I was very excited though I didn’t know the local language. Deep within, I knew, somehow it will get managed… So I requested my name to be considered. A team of 3 teachers reached. 
It was a lovely place with Nature at its best during rainy season. 

We reached and right from day one, started the work. Initially, we were going in teams with local volunteers accompanying us. After two weeks, Volunteer from Bangalore returned and I was left with my broken Kannada language.

Local Volunteers helped me by giving direction and writing the common conversational words. I used them for enquiry with local people & reached the location of the courses. 

I noticed a Phenomenon. The sky would be clear & bright whenever I was outdoors, on the way, between courses. The moment I reached the venue, the clouds would darken & there would be a downpour! My first experience of Mother Nature, protecting me at every step.

Once, I was taking 3 workshops in a day.  I was traveling in Local Government Buses for nearly 170 km, in all directions.  On a particular day, there was an introductory talk of Art of living organized in local Rotary club. This venue was 40 km further, just one way. Pressed for time, I borrowed someone’s two wheeler. Since the rural road was bumpy and I was inexperienced, it felt like a slow horse ride! Oops…..A Bone Shake!  Unwarranted body pains. After 1st course, I abandoned the 2 wheeler. From then on, preferred local buses only.

After the last workshop, I had to literally be on 1 foot, since the buses were over crowded. The introductory talk went fantastic and by the time it finished and I reached the bus station it was around 830 pm. There were around 30 people waiting for the last bus. By then, I was in excruciating pain. My body revolted after being jolted!! I could barely stand.  Seemed impossible to expect a seat, with so many local people waiting for the same last bus.

Initially reluctant, that moment, I gave myself the license to use the magic password: Jai Gurudev! Guruji had told us to Invoke this Mantra for Big Sankalpas or Intentions and pull up people who were doing otherwise. For instance, reaching him for getting a car parking slot or city cab.  He had playfully remarked – “You all have made me a Transport CoordinatorJ!

I assured myself. This is Genuine. I’m dedicated to his Work. Struggling to stand on my feet.

Therefore, if you consider me eligible for grace, please get me 1 seat in the bus.

Within 5 minutes, instead of a local government over crowded bus, I was in a 2X 2 luxury bus.  As the Sole  passenger, I kept changing seats in excitement! From aisle to window and pinching myself to believe this was Real! Yes, it was true! I was not dreaming.

At the bus stop, when I had prayerfully surrendered, I saw a luxury bus emerging out of the Depot. Meant for long distance commuting, apparently, the Driver had stopped for some refreshments or refills. I approached them. The Driver & his Helper, Duo signaled me, from cockpit, to come on board! I entered the Luxury Liner, door fastened behind me.

The entire bus was at my disposal! My happiness knew no bounds. I was wondering… I had just asked for a seat in a Local Government bus… Look at my Masters Compassion:  He offered me a Luxury Cruise.  

In Gratitude.

Love JGD,
Swami Paramtej

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