He Knows It All – Evident in his Beckoning Eyes!

During my early days in Bangalore Ashram, I would avail every opportunity to be with Gurudev. As a Sevak in Rural Development Program (RDP), I had free time between the batches. Having access to Gurudev’s minute to minute schedule, literally shadowed him.

It was time well spent!!

Soon after I did Teachers Training Program and became Part 1 Teacher. Then, I had to let go of my RDP Seva. A new assignment was given. I was entrusted with managing the Ashram’s Sumeru Travel Desk.

To my horror, this desk was perpetually demanding. 24x7x365 days. More so, when Gurudev was in Ashram. Many a time, to keep up with the work commitments, I skipped meals. We were a lean team, just 2 people, managing the entire gamut of Air – Bus – Taxi – Tours.

Within few weeks, I was fed up. Neither had I the visibility of Gurudev’s movements in ashram, duration of his Presence in Shakti Kutir; nor the freedom & mobility to pursue him. I was stuck with Travel Bookings. It was very frustrating & saddening.

One day, with a heavy heart I entered Vishalakshi Mantap (VM). Gurudev was seated on the VM stage. When I am near Gurudev, my eyes are usually glued on him – so that I do not miss out on any Leela.

The moment I stepped in and looked at Him, Poojya Gurudev, with his expressive eyes, signaled me to come over.  Instantly, I felt the Connect. I was Chosen among thousands of people, in the audience. Undoubtedly, that glance was for me. Only Me.

This soul to soul exchange coincided with Yakshagana Event (coastal Karnataka theatre forms, resembling Western Opera).The artists were taking their positions on the Stage and Gurudev shifted sideways. I was a Known Face for the Ashram Security. Effortlessly, I reached Gurudev. Enquired, what needs to be done?

He again signaled, to just sit next to him. That’s it. No further exchange with words or gestures.

I got my Answer. He had once said –

“ Even if one of my hairs is pulled, I can feel the pain. Each one of you is like the strand of Hair. I may not know how many strands are there, but even if one strand is pulled, it hurts the scalp. I can feel your Pain.”

 In the Reality of the Moment, I experienced the Truth of his Compassion & Love.

He felt my Longing & Pain, even before I had entered Vishalakshi Mantap.  I was blessed to be in his Divine Company, at his feet. From there, the view was clear. Grateful for being the chosen one among the thousands who could just have a glance.

Om Gurubhyo Namaha.

Lots of Love & Best Wishes,
Swami Paramtej

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