About Swamiji

Swami Paramtej is an Art of Living faculty teacher who has been dedicating his last 17 years to the social and spiritual upliftment of society. Yogi, meditator and an enthusiast of adventure sports, Swamiji lives to serve and teach people how to transform their life from stress and negativity to freedom and happiness.

For the first 28 years of his life, Swami Paramtej, then a businessman, used to meditate twice a day, but he observed that meditation was not enough and needed someone to guide him, a Master. In 2000, Swamiji met Gurudev at a public event and soon after participated in his first course at the International Organization of Art of Living and felt that his search was over, he was at home.

He lived for a few years at the Art of Living Center in Bangalore, India, and in 2008 began his journey traveling the world, spreading knowledge for more than 40 countries on 4 continents: Asia, South America, Europe and Africa. 

Moving from one continent to another, Swamiji says, the early Ashram Life has been an anchoring pillar. The absolute ease with which he can relate, from a Parliamentarian in Europe to a Peasant in Uttar Pradesh, has been the gift of his ashram life.

Swamiji shares how surprising it is to see how people are open to spirituality and how problems are similar around the world, “In today’s society, they are all facing problems related to violence, depression and stress and don’t know how to deal with it But, we have the solution for everybody through our programs”.

Beyond the courses, Swamiji has also taken part in many conferences across the world, addressing parliamentarians in different countries.

“Everybody wants a solution to issues like stress, corruption, health problems, even the lack of trust among people. We are so fortunate that all our techniques are giving them that,” he points out.

“These techniques are one of the significant aspects of this path, it’s like a life jacket, emotions keep changing and they can overtake anybody but when one is strong with one’s sadhana (spiritual practices), one’s energy remains high, and therefore one is able to handle many challenges. One is here to contribute and that contribution is what makes life worthwhile and so you can find your own life most fulfilling” says Swamiji.

Swamiji's Works

Swami Paramtej Ji has led several key transformation initiatives of the organization in various countries around the world. Some of them are:

Readying the country to receive Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in the year 2011. Nearly 1,50,000 people, danced & meditated in ecstasy in Argentina. This was one of the historic gathering in the history of Argentina

Over 4,500 people attended the Art of Silence program led by Swami Paramtej Ji.

Led ‘Vote for Better India’ campaign in association with election commission of India. Galvanizing the masses to Vote for Good Governance. Resulted in good voter turnout inspiring confidence and faith in Democracy.

Education in the most backward villages of UP: 225 Sanskara Kendras providing free kindergarten schooling for children in 3 to 6 years age group. Remarkably, this outreach effort touched the lives of 2 lakh villagers & 7500 children.

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Swamiji's Message

one is here to contribute and that contribution is what makes life worthwhile and so you can find your own life most fulfilling”.